Bear Lake Brawl Triathlon

Half Course 70 1/3 - Check out the updated course due to resurfacing of the East Road of Bear Lake.

Swim Course 1.2 Miles (1 Laps) -The swim will be a point to point. There will be buoys marking the route for this straight line. The first buoy will be at 375 meters (Sprint Turn Around), the second will be 750 meter (Olympic Turn Around and the third will be .6 Miles (Half Turn Around), Water temps have been around 62-65 degrees the last 3 years.



Bike Course 56 Miles (One Lap) - This course exits out of Bear Lake Hot Springs left and heads across the North road to St Charles. At St Charles riders make a right turn North on the Highway. They will go North then Northwest for 28 Miles then turn around.

Aid Stations are Mile 12.4, 28, 40.4. (They include Bike Water Bottles with Electrolyte, Water, bathrooms)


Run Course 13.1 Miles (One Lap)- TThis course is out and back. It leaves the Bear Lake Hot Springs and North up the Cisco Road. At Mile 6.55 you will return to the start of the run and do it again. 13.1 Miles Total

Aid Stations are 1.55 to 1.8 Miles apart and they are as follows: Start, Mile 1.55, 3.1, 4.825, 6.55, 8.25, 10, 11.55

Aid Stations have an assortment of Gels, Granola Bars, Candy, Oranges, Bananas, water, electrolyte and more.

Finish Line - Includes Two Hot Soups, Bread, Ice Cream, Peanut Butter, Oranges, Bananas. Also Bear Lake Hot Springs has all sorts of food you can purchase for your family or racers.


Bear Lake Brawl Tri - Video


All Distances on Sept 15, 2018

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