Bear Lake Brawl Triathlon

Olympic Course - Check out the updated route due to resurfacing on the East Road of Bear Lake.

Swim Course 1500 Meters (2 Laps) - This straight shaped swim has three buoys. The first is the start of the swim and the end of the swim. Each buoy is 375 Meters apart. One lap for the race.



Bike Course 24.8 Miles - This course exits out of Bear Lake Hot Springs and heads West to St. Charles then North. The bike course is primarily flat. The course is out and back and totals 24.8 Miles (12.4 Miles up and back). Olympic distances for a bike course do not have aid stations and expect bikers to carry a bottle for hydration.


Run Course 6.2 Miles - This course is out and back. It runs along the Cisco Road. This is a flat packed dirt road for cars.  The route feels paved but is packed dirt. The course is flat and straight. It turns around at mile 3.1.  Aid stations at Miles 1.55, 3.1 (Turn Around Point), and 4.65. Water, Powerade, and gels at all of them.


Bear Lake Brawl Tri - Video


All Distances on Sept 15, 2018

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